“My divorce was heated and difficult, but ultimately we reached a positive result due to the professionalism and persistence of my lawyers, Sue Wilson and Tasya Martin. I am a lawyer myself, and I hired the firm because of its well-earned reputation in handling tough cases. I was surprised, however, by Sue and Tasya’s empathy and support during the divorce — which, in the end, was just as important as legal skill in helping me get through the process. I happily recommend Sue and Tasya to anyone facing a difficult family law problem.”


“I am eternally grateful to have Sue Wilson’s Law Office and her team to support me throughout legal proceedings with my ex-husband. It took a lot of pressure off of me, but more importantly, having her office in my corner really kept the emotional stress at bay. I was confident in their ability and they proved me right.”




“When I first walked into M. Sue Wilson’s law offices, I was immediately greeted by their warm and friendly administrative staff. I was offered a beverage and waited less than two minutes for my appointment. I was very nervous and uncertain of even where to begin with my list of questions. That was the last day I would ever experience any uncertainty or fear inside M. Sue’s office. My confidence in my future was being restored as I explained my situation and Sue began answering every question. I had interviewed several other law firms and this had not been my experience elsewhere. The ‘team approach’ that they utilize is invaluable. Every person working with M. Sue gives 100% effort; honesty, accuracy and efficiency are just some of their attributes.They work very hard at not wasting time and money, while being extremely thorough. Integrity was one of the most important issues for me in pursuing any firm I would be working with. I would say M. Sue Wilson’s team has exceeded any expectation I ever had.”


“I first met with M. Sue Wilson Law Firm back in 2014. It was an extremely emotional and scary time in my life. I wasn’t sure what to expect and one of my biggest fears was how intimidated I was by lawyers. However, within the first five minutes of my meeting with them their honesty was transparent and I knew they cared about the outcome of my case. One of my goals with the divorce process was to stay true to my character and values and to do the right thing for my family. They heard my concerns and have walked right along side of me to obtain exactly that through the entire process. M. Sue Wilson and Amy Yanik Meisel have been patient with me when my emotions were getting the best of me. They helped me to stay focused with their straight forward and professional advice. All my concerns were heard and addressed in a prompt fashion. They have a team that works exceptionally well together and their communication between one another and with you is one of top priority. M. Sue Wilson Law Firm came highly recommended by a friend and I would not hesitate to refer anyone going through a legal separation or divorce with their firm. The are a team that is professional and they get the job done. Their service has far exceeded my expectation, they are a firm with great ethics and an impeccable desire to seek justice for their clients. I truly cannot thank them enough!”


“I was moved to tears when I read your fine summary of my position. I cannot thank you enough for the endless work and thought you have put into my case. I will attend next Tuesday’s hearing knowing that you have built the strongest case possible for me. Whatever the outcome, I will always feel grateful for your contributions.”


“Tasya has exceptionally broad knowledge and experience with difficult divorce and/or sensitive family law cases. Her work product, intelligence, and attention to detail are outstanding. I was very pleased with her and the rest of her team at the M. Sue Wilson Law Firm.


When interacting with Tasya from M. Sue Wilson Law firm, the timeliness of her responses is unparalleled. She is superb and I would highly recommend Tasya R. Martin and this firm to any family member or friend going through a divorce.


Tasya, M. Sue, Michele, and Monica were an amazing team for my very painful dissolution case. They shared so much knowledge and strength throughout the whole process, which made me feel so much more protected. This firm runs like a well-oiled machine. I would highly recommend Tasya R. Martin from M. Sue Wilson Law Firm.”


“I began working with Julie Vogel and M. Sue Wilson during a difficult time. As I worked through a challenging divorce I found their counsel indispensable in terms of legal advice, persona support, and practical direction. Their guidance reflected wisdom and effectiveness and made a painful time less frightening. I have recommended the firm to clients and friends and each has found their work extremely valuable. I can’t speak highly enough of the work and integrity of these lawyers.”


“We have had reason to use M. Sue Wilson Law on two separate occasions. We utilized M. Sue Wilson Law offices on the second occasion because we had been so pleased with our experience the first time. For both situations, our attorney was Tasya R. Martin. Tasya exemplified everything that you could hope for, exceptional professionalism and skill, while maintaining excellent communication with our family. We are very grateful to both M. Sue Wilson Law and to Tasya for the excellent service that they provided to our family!”



“The team at M. Sue Wilson’s law firm is hands down the best you will find.


I am convinced that I would not have gotten the settlement I did if it wasn’t for their help and expertise in these delicate matters. When you find yourself in the unfortunate midst of divorce, it’s a world nobody wants to be in and it can be wrought with fear and uncertainty.


Besides being the best at what they do the law firm is also caring and compassionate. I can remember numerous times Julie Vogel took time just to listen and calm my worries. Not only was Julie available but, she genuinely cares and demonstrates that in the way she conducts herself and her interactions with her clients.


One of the things I most appreciated is they were always available when I needed them. They always got back to me in a timely manner by phone or email if they were not able to take my call right on the spot. This is rare.


I would be remiss without mentioning the paralegals and receptionists who also not only knew me by name when I called but were always responsive to my needs, very professional and kind.


Truly, Julie Vogel, M. Sue Wilson and the entire firm are first-rate. If you want an effective, responsive law firm that is also results oriented without losing their connection to the client then this is the perfect fit.


I highly recommend this firm and truly believe when you find yourself in such a situation M. Sue Wilson and staff are the ones you want on your side. I have never encountered a law firm with their unique philosophy of actually caring about the person and not just the case and it truly sets them apart. I am forever grateful and will recommend them to anyone I know who would find themselves in similar circumstances.”


“Divorce may be one of the most frightening, frustrating, terrifying, emotional roller coasters that you will ever experience. To help with that, you need to surround yourself with people that are going to help make that experience not only bearable, but in the end, successful. The most important ally to have is your divorce attorney.


I came to M. Sue Wilson Law firm, after being represented by another attorney. I had been involved with the legal profession in the Twin Cities, and so knew quite a few attorneys. But, after some time with my first attorney, I knew that it was not going well for me. From the minute I came to M. Sue Wilson Law firm, I knew that is was going to be better. From the receptionist to the legal assistants to the attorneys themselves, I experienced great care and great comfort.


My former husband was also an attorney, and I was concerned that my attorney would either be intimidated or impressed with him, as had been the case with my first attorney. Julie Vogel made it very clear to me, and eventually to him, that his status as a fellow attorney was not going to impede or change the way that she did her job. Julie was not going to be intimidated, and she certainly was not impressed.


Julie Vogel always told me the truth, even when it was hard to hear, but in the end, not having sugar-coated promises of things that would not happen was the best.


Julie always made me understand what was coming, how she was going to handle the situation, and what the resulting consequences could be. knowing what was happening made the situation much better.


Julie let me tell my story and listened patiently. Sometimes, that is all that a person involved in a divorce needs. To give their story. She allowed me to vent, rage, and rant. She was never patronizing, and again, never promised things that I might have wanted, or felt that I deserved, if she knew it could not happen. She sympathized and then got down to business, and that was the key to achieving a great result in what seemed to be an impossible situation.


Julie always made me feel that my case was her priority. I could call with questions and she would always get back to me right away. She always knew the particulars of the case and was able to discuss every aspect with me when I needed it. Even years later, when issues still occasionally arise, she is calling me back right away, and can always discuss the details of the settlement.


Julie and M. Sue were aware that because of my faith, some of my beliefs about what I felt comfortable with in dealing with divorce may be very different from other people. They never dismissed or chided me for my beliefs, but asked questions and explained how we could all work together for the greatest outcome, while still keeping me informed, involved and allowing me to make decisions.


Both Julie and M. Sue were counselors in the true sense. They advised, informed, listened, guided, and championed my cause, and also kept me involved in decision-making. And, while in the midst of a divorce your decision making may be somewhat compromised, they took they time to explain their position, and allowed me to be a part of the process, without letting the process wear me down. But at the same time, they always made sure that my best interests were being considered.


When Julie knew that I was too distraught or too discouraged to even make a decision, she was able to see that, and to know that it was going to take some extra time on her part to get me where I needed to be. And she was always willing to put in that time.


I am truly grateful for the excellent representation that I received. No one wants to go through a divorce, but I would say for those who are going through it, I can only wish for them that they have the representation that I had.”