Obviously, child custody can be one of the most heart-rending aspects of a divorce. The court will ultimately consider the best interests of the child to determine the most appropriate form of custody and support. This involves analyzing a number of factors, including the wishes of both parties.

During a contested proceeding (i.e. when there is a disagreement about custody), the court may appoint a neutral expert to evaluate both parties. We can guide you through this process and help you decide if it’s best to hire your own expert.

The law favors stability in the child’s life whenever possible. As your attorney, we will exhaust every available avenue to protect your wishes and the best interests of your children while working to keep the process peaceful for all involved.

Don’t let fears about custody keep you awake at night. We’re in your corner.

What about child support?

Child support is the financial contribution a non-custodial parent makes to the custodial parent as a way to help cover the expenses of raising his or her children. Unfortunately, this aspect of divorce has the potential to become particularly complex, especially when emotions flare. Learn more about child support >

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